Friday, March 12, 2010

Inside 50 days to deadline...wake up, Department of Navy!

NOPE suggests it is about time the DoN end its charade and announce progress toward a buyout and teardown of the Laurelwood housing complex on NWS Earle. This nonsense continues to tax state and federal legislators and local and state taxpayers' time and money, while at the same time we have been nothing but good neighbors to Earle for 70-plus years.

Recapping yesterday's unanimous approval of S762 by the full Senate in Trenton, the bill is awaiting a hearing in front of a state Assembly committee; we'll confirm a date once one is set, but remind our supporters the bill passed the last Assembly session 76-0. Again, approval and the signature of Governor Christie by month's end (or by the end-of-April "military use" phase of the 52-year Laurelwood lease) would signal a positive step for the community.

Separately, here is an interesting take on "Jihad Jane" (whom we wrote about earlier this week) from syndicated national columnist Eugene Robinson, and run in the Asbury Park Press.

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