Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Jihad Jane"

The case of Pennsylvania woman and apparent Muslim sympathizer Colleen LaRose, who otherwise goes by "Jihad Jane," sheds anecdotal light on NOPE's longstanding contention, and lawmakers' growing concern, about how terrorist groups, according to this from the Asbury Park Press, "are looking to recruit Americans to carry out their goals." (Here's FOX News' take on Jihad Jane.)

To correlate Jihad Jane to NOPE's objection to the Navy's ill-advised plan to turn 300 Laurelwood military townhomes into rentals to civilians may seem a far-fetched to those who do not buy our argument that unimpeded civilian access thru NWS Earle poses security risks, but it is clear from this story that we are not immune to radical thinkers domestically, and opening Earle to anyone able to cut a rent check only raises the potential for espionage and terrorism. In short, as we have long argued, it is foolish to expose Earle's service members and surrounding communities to a significant threat, all for the sake of the DoN's inability to recognize that either buying out or voiding the Laurelwood lease is, by far, the best and only viable option.

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