Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Denver Post: "Tectonic shift in terror's battle lines"

Regardless of whether Jihad Jane and Jihad Jamie are merely crackpots or truly involved in terrorism (or a combination thereof), this column from Mike Littwin of the Denver Post provides unique perspective on the changing face of terrorism (i.e. disenfranchised Americans drawn in by radical Islam). Perhaps most startling is the line from Jihad Jamie's grandma, concerned her 6-year-old grandson is a "terrorist in training."

These types of stories tie into NOPE's longstanding concern that it is increasingly difficult for authorities to identify terrorists, and that by letting civilians pass thru NWS Earle and live in the Laurelwood homes unimpededly for the next 30 years, the Department of Navy is exposing itself, and us, to a major threat.

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