Saturday, March 20, 2010

Supporters: Make a Quick Call to Assemblyman Conners

NOPE is asking all supporters to make a quick and respectful call to N.J. Assemblyman Jack Conners at his Delran office (856-461-3997), and simply state: "As a NOPE supporter and concerned New Jersey resident, I kindly ask that you post bill A-2014 for review by the Assembly."

You might be asking, "didn't we do this already back in November, with Senator Codey?"

Well, yes, we did, but then again we're dealing with Trenton, so we need to make another call, since we're in a new legislative session and our 2009 efforts stalled with Mr. Codey. However, our bill in this year's session is this close to passing soon, so we need your help.

Assemblyman Conners chairs the N.J. Assembly's Military and Veterans Affairs committee, which is tasked with considering this bill (which unanimously passed the state's Senate 37-0 on March 11; the Senate's version is S-762) and needs to be taken the Assembly, which last fall passed this exact same measure. But because then-Senate President Codey withheld the measure from full Senate vote and politicized the issue, the nonpartisan bill expired and had to be renumbered and re-reviewed by both the Senate and Assembly committees that unanimously passed the measure.

Although the bill already passed this year's Senate session, this year's Assembly session needs to sign off before review and, hopefully, passage by Governor Christie. It is important that this be done before April 30, at which point the Laurelwood housing lease changes from the military-use to the 30-year civilian rental phase.

This is why we ask that you call Assemblyman Conners as soon as possible.

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