Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kudos to Assemblywoman Casagrande

Caroline Casagrande, on behalf of Sen. Beck and Assemblyman O'Scanlan, was published in today's Asbury Park Press. Her letter to the editor complements our criticism of Howard Snow's decision on Laurelwood housing and the subsequent insulting letter to the APP published June 1, and hopefully will be the first of many outcries about the Earle situation. The District 12 team has been exceedingly supportive of NOPE, which should allay concerns of people who have approached some of us with: "Where are Beck, O'Scanlan and Casagrande on this?"

The distinction that people should understand between this threesome and our elected officials in Washington is Beck-Casagrande-O'Scanlan have to work this issue from the state perspective (i.e. making sure the DEP and DOT are not being intimidated into fast-tracking Navy permit applications) while the likes of Congressmen Smith and Holt must present our case with the Navy and in Congress.

Back to the letter...the telling piece of Ms. Casagrande's piece is that of the Navy essentially negotiating against itself. Be sure to read her other comments, and contact your elected officials, namely those that have been mum on this (i.e. Menendez, Lautenberg & Corzine) to encourage them to back NOPE and fight publicly against plans for civilian housing at NWS Earle!

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