Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ex-Georgia Tech student convicted of terrorism charge

At the same time the Navy intends to clear a lane for anyone to drive thru Naval Weapons Station Earle and right behind the main gate off Route 34, a 24-year-old from Georgia was found guilty in federal court of conspiring to provide material support to terrorism in the U.S. and abroad. Amazing...

Among the evidence against Syed Haris Ahmed: casing videos (emailed to suspected co-conspirators) of U.S. landmarks such as the U.S. Capitol and World Bank, meetings with suspected terrorists in Toronto, and discussing attacks on military bases.

Imagine this guy or some other malcontent living at Laurelwood, gathering info on train movements and tracking activities at the base, all from his cozy three-bedroom Laurelwood townhome or the unimpeded access road to be built. We're talking about a base that handles serious military weaponry, not some soft outpost in Alaska with which the Navy has compared securing Earle.

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