Saturday, June 13, 2009

An example of why veterans housing at Earle would not be such a good idea...

This story from the Christian Science Monitor (June 12, 2009 edition) suggests the recent Holocaust Memorial shooting and other acts of domestic terrorism by extremists with military backgrounds back up the findings of a controversial Department of Homeland Security report warning of radicalization and indoctrunation of former U.S. soldiers.

The last thing the commanding officer and his staff at NWS Earle, a powderkeg of 300 bunkers of explosives, is not only the distraction of civilian tenants cutting thru the base, but also plotting something ill against those in uniform who defend the base and ultimately will be responsible for patrolling and policing the planned civilian road to the Laurelwood homes.

This is not to disparage the infinite number of distinguished and rational vets that outnumber the few malcontents, but as they only takes 1. Let's not turn Earle into the next domestic terrorism target.

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