Friday, March 5, 2010

Senate Budget committee passes bill requiring Earle probe

S762 was approved (11-0, with two abstentions) yesterday by the NJ Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and, according to this press release from the District 12 offices of Beck-O'Scanlon-Casagrande, will go to the full Senate for vote on March 11. Kudos to District 12's team, and to the Manns (Elaine and David) and Wilcoxes (Fulton and Susan) for their testimony in Trenton yesterday on behalf of NOPE.

This is progress toward the much-needed, common sense cost benefits and security study by NJ's Treasury Department into the Department of Navy's plan to convert Laurelwood military housing into civilian rental housing within the next few months. NOPE is certain that, combined with the GAO's study on the federal level, government investigations into this debable will validate NOPE's contention that civilian housing at Earle is a disaster on many fronts.

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