Thursday, March 4, 2010

NOPE supporters need to thank Elaine and Fulton

At the drop of a hat, NOPE political liaison Elaine Mann and business case analyst Fulton Wilcox are making their way to Trenton for today's 1 p.m. Senate budget committee meeting at which S762 will be discussed, contrary to what we expected. Originally, we were informed this was a closed-door meeting with no public involvement, but Elaine and Fulton answered the last-minute call from Senator Beck's office to attend for possible testimony. All NOPE supporters need to recognize the personal sacrifice of these two (and other) core committee volunteers, especially in our seemingly never-ending Trenton efforts.

We will provide updates later today on the outcome of this latest page in the S762 bill saga, which at this point we suspect could be moot anyway, considering word that we've gotten that the DEP's acting commissioner went ahead and checked off on Earle's permits for the proposed road to nowhere (i.e. Laurelwood). We are trying to confirm this information.

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