Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colts Neck Township Committee votes to hire Giuliani's firm, passes NOPE resolution

With absolutely no fanfare and in a sadly, near-empty town hall last night, Colts Neck's Township Committee voted 4-1 in favor of hiring Giuliani Partners as a consultant on security matters pertaining to the township's lawsuit to prevent the Department of Navy from housing civilians at Weapons Station Earle as soon as next September, and otherwise unanimously passed a resolution in support of NOPE's continued grassroots efforts.

Fortunately, people in Colts Neck (and those that never or feel it is a waste of time to attend council meetings in neighboring Tinton Falls and elsewhere) have NOPE watching their backs.

The hiring of Rudy Giuliani's consultancy, in our view, is not only a major headline for the township (missed yet again by the Asbury Park Press and the Star-Ledger), but also a potentially significant game-changer for NOPE in publicizing our community's objection to a recipe for disaster that will come with civilian housing within the fence line of a major U.S. weapons storage facility.

Reiterating yesterday's blog, the introduction of Giuliani Partners to this case should attract national media attention to the Earle-civilian housing issue and gives Colts Neck Township some ammunition (i.e. a credible counterterrorism expert) in its lawsuit against the Department of Navy and Laurelwood Homes, LLC and its owner Teri Fischer.

Interestingly, what we also learned last night is that a) the Department of Navy has until tomorrow (Oct. 16) to respond to the suit and b) Mrs. Fischer is trying to be exempted as a party to that lawsuit (it seems unlikely to happen).

We'll keep you posted on the lawsuit and include it as part of our RALLY presentation on Tuesday night, October 27 at 730p at Colts Neck High. DO NOT MISS THE RALLY.

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Unknown said...

Look what happened at Fort Hood--do we need something like that to happen here at a much larger scale??