Monday, July 27, 2009

Reiterative support of NOPE

Catching up on events of the past week, lost in the shuffle a bit was correpondence from District 12 Representative Rush Holt, who reiterated his support of our communities' efforts in the battle vs. civilian housing at Earle. Depending on how a busy week in Washington shakes out, we hope to have Mr. Holt at next Monday's informational session in Tinton Falls. We invite all to attend this second (of two) sessions we are hosting to keep the community abreast of new developments in our case and what you can do to help. (We had unexpected last-minute visits and updates from representatives of Senator Menendez and Congressman Smith, so who knows who will appear at our informational session next week.)

Again, be sure to visit next Monday night, August 3, at Tinton Falls Borough Hall, in the main room, with NOPE's presentation beginning at 730 p.m. Using our Colts Neck gathering as our guide, we expect the evening to last 90 minutes, between a short update and presentation, followed by community Q&A and follow-up discussion.

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