Thursday, July 23, 2009

Computer Weekly: Hacking dossier exposes US military embarrassment

This latest piece on the Gary McKinnon case, written about extensively here a few days ago, from Computer Weekly (particularly the 40-plus page attachment to the story) portrays glaring vulnerabilities about federal computer networks here in the U.S. This case differs in scope (i.e. cyber) vs. physical terrorism, but nonetheless targeted our military bases and should not be overlooked as part of NOPE's argument against proposed civilian housing at Earle. The aggressive U.S. pursuit of McKinnon's extradition only legitimizes our argument.

Interestingly, Christopher Christie's name is all over the earlier legal documents in that case as a prosecutor; NOPE wonders where Mr. Christie would stand as governor on the Earle issue, and will press his office for an answer. We encourage NOPE's supporters to also reach out to his campaign officials, asking where he stands in relation to Jon Corzine, who sent an advisor to meet with our group in late 2008 but has shown little interest in engaging in the issue.

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