Thursday, June 18, 2009

U.S. Military - A defense agency, or a REIT?

The notion of private citizens potentially living on an active military base is not only confined to Weapons Station Earle, but to other bases as well, such as Hanscom AFB in Massachussets.

According to this story in the Concord Journal, a developer will build 720 homes on base by 2011, even as the demographics suggest this might not be such a wise move; 95% of the units would need to be occupied by active duty personnel before a pecking order of others (reserves, retired military personnel, contractors, general public) are then entertained as potential tenants.

The point is that, much like the housing situation at Earle, the military appears to be lacking in understanding the financial viability of housing construction contracts. Clearly military personnel need and deserve housing, but it seems someone in Washington needs to step up with a more-feasible plan for addressing such needs. Any notion of civilians interfering with the regular operations of a military base is absurd and should never happen, in my view.


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