Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tinton Falls Borough Council in a holding pattern

I went to the TF borough council meeting last night not expecting much (i.e. with a new mayor and two new council members to be sworn in July 7...and considering the budget was the urgent item on the docket), but wanted to ask publicly on behalf of NOPE about the borough's posture on the Navy's decision to open the access route to Laurelwood; more specifically, whether TF would consider filing a suit against the Navy to challenge the validity of the EIS, much like Colts Neck's Township Committee (or so we understand).

Borough Attorney Mr. Berube informed the public that the borough is considering all options and remains supportive of NOPE, and reminded us of the borough's resolution backing the "Accettola Plan" of veterans housing at Laurelwood (in the event civilian residents ever live there). Although I am steadfastly opposed to anyone ever living at Laurelwood (other than enlisted military personnel with the proper credentials, background checks and base access), it was reassuring to learn that Mr. Berube/TF has consulted with Colts Neck's attorneys regarding Colts Neck's own pursuit of legal action vs. the Navy, so this is something worth watching, as NOPE endorses the notion of Tinton Falls either filing its own suit or joining with Colts Neck to challenge the validity of the EIS on which the Navy decision is based.

The EIS is extremely flawed and non-compliant, and should be redone from scratch to explore the "No Build Option," which was written off as impossible in the EIS but is by far the best of the five options "studied."

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