Friday, June 5, 2009

NOPE is NOT going away

To clarify some questions asked of our leadership team in private discussions, NOPE is FAR from finished in the grassroots battle to prevent civilian Laurelwood housing at NWS Earle, and we encourage our supporters to keep up the fight. By no means does our mission end with the Navy's Record of Decision in late May to make way for an unimpeded access road to the homes; the plan is still 15 months from fruition - lots of time.

Rather, we will step up the publicity campaign and are contemplating legal action for the Navy's clear failure to comply with National Environmental Policy Act requirements for its "environmental" (covers more than issues about the ecological "environment") study of the plan. To be sure, NAVFAC, the agency that put forth the incomplete EIS on which the Navy based its decision, fails to include any tangible threat assessment or financial projections among other shortfalls, deeming it an inadequate, noncompliant document.

NOPE applauds Colts Neck government's resolution to file suit to stop the Navy from going thru with its plan, and encourages Tinton Falls Borough Council and Mayor-Elect Mike Skudera to file suit as well. Stripping away the educational issue, both towns have much at stake in terms of security as host towns of one of our nation's largest military weapons depots. We're literally sitting on a powderkeg.

As always we welcome your thoughts and opinions and appreciate your support. In the meantime:
  • Call Senators Menendez (202.224.4744 in Washington, 973.645.3030 in Newark) and Lautenberg (202.224.3224, 973.639.8700) each day and ask why they have been silent about this issue and how it will devastate New Jersey.
  • Contact Gov. Corzine (609.292.6000) and ask why he's been silent too
  • Contact your federal (i.e. Chris Smith, Rush Holt) and state (i.e. Senator Beck, Monmouth County Freeholders) and ask them to keep up the fight
  • Stay posted to NOPE's blog for daily updates, including public meetings considered for July and August
  • Consider a donation to NOPE as we are a grassroots organization and in need of funds, particularly if we file legal action
  • Volunteer your time to us, either spreading the NOPE message to your friends, relatives and family or volunteering any skills that might prove valuable (i.e. lawyers who can give a few hours to the mission, writers or publicists with contacts in the media)


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