Saturday, April 10, 2010

NOPE in the News

Following up on yesterday's exciting developments, here are the takes from the Asbury Park Press and the Newark Star-Ledger on the Navy's decision to suspend its "Record of Decision" to open Laurelwood housing at NWS Earle to civilians. Stay tuned for more in the days ahead.


Anonymous said...

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves! "Not In My Backyard!" should not be alive and well in 2010. It is clear reading your blog that your major concern is paying to educate the residents children of these units, not the safety of the Naval base. Colts Neck has long shirked it's COAH obligations while the rest of us do our civic duty. Shame on you for worring that your children might have to come in contact with a disadvantaged person. Before any homes are torn down there should be no homeless children in this county!

Bill Holobowski said...

Anonymous, first, have the courage to identify yourself by name before posting a message like this. Otherwise, please refrain from the vitriolic tone. NOPE's objection has nothing to do with socioeconomic background or whomever could have lived in the Laurelwood homes. Clearly, the Navy's decision is an admission that it shares NOPE's, two U.S. Senators', three members of the U.S. House of Reps', our state legislators' and our local elected officials collective view of proposed civilian housing at Earle as a security and economic disaster. If you have a bone to pick about homelessness, this is not the venue. Regards, Bill Holobowski, Chairman and TINTON FALLS resident.

Lorraine said...

Tears of happiness here. I have the utmost respect for all the time, effort and relentless hard work that the leaders of NOPE have put into this effort. I admire you immensely. Saying thanks is hardly enough, but it is heartfelt.