Friday, April 16, 2010

NOPE appreciates the outpouring from the community!

The leaders of NOPE appreciate the inundation of support and gratitude from members of our community, some of which we would like to share heading into the weekend:

Many, many thanks to all who really got this grassroots action going and sustained it. Your hard work and great organizing skills really serve as an example of what can be done when people work together. Kudos to the committee members who really helped energize the communities. You have done an incredible service to our towns. Lucille Castro, Tinton Falls

I read the news in the Press over the weekend I was excited to see that NOPE made a difference. Great work. Milton Hubbard, Tinton Falls

You are all to be congratulated for your efforts on behalf of the residents of Colts Neck. Your effort was the greatest grassroots efforts I've ever seen or been associated with. There is no doubt in my mind that without NOPE, the result would have been unfavorable to CN residents. I realize that there's an agreement to be reached before this is finally put to bed but your effort is nothing short of fantastic. Best personal regards, Frank Leccese Sr., Colts Neck

Thank you for ALL you have done!!! The Warendorfs

CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!!!!! Mike Terzano, Tinton Falls

Congrats to you and the entire NOPE team for doing such an amazing job winning this fight. Our family thanks you for saving our wonderful community from this potential disaster. Again, thank you for everything you have done. Kinds regards, Andrew Weisbrot

Congratulations and thank you for a job VERY Well done… God Bless you and all your efforts. Regards, Glen

Congratulations to all on a job well done and my continued support and appreciation of your efforts to monitor the impending buyout agreement. -- Barbara Finn, NOPE supporter

Awesome work by all involved, thanks to those who have worked so hard to bring this about, Jill Sammarco

Thank you for your tremendous, tireless effort. You are greatly appreciated and admired for all you have done. With sincere gratitude, The Chadwicks

Kudos to all!!! -- Mike Tormey

Sincere congratulations for such an outstanding effort and a positive outcome! Thank you for serving as the catalyst for residents to come together and help where they could. ALL of YOU deserve a pat on the back and the thanks of our town and elected officials. Without the work and leadership of your core group, this would have NEVER happened. Thank you! Susan Lewis

Congratulations!! Great grassroots effort. -- Anonymous

How about a shout out to Amod Choudhary who started the whole thing. VictoriaFoley (Editor's note: Amod helped to start the NOPE movement and will be cited next week as we compile our enormous "thank you" list.)

Heard the good news this a.m. Thanks to all of you who really got involved and persevered. Cindy Caizza

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