Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feb. 26 Attorney General letter exposes DoN's brazen arrogance and lack of regard for Earle's neighbors

NOPE has obtained a copy of a February 26, 2010 letter from New Jersey's Attorney General, Paula Dow (to NWS Earle officials) that clarifies a long-held NOPE stance that our Department of Navy was part unprepared, part arrogant in dealing with the state in assuming it could build an unimpeded civilian access route to the Laurelwood homes from Rt. 34 without the state's approval.

In short, the Navy argues to the state that it is exempt from regulation under New Jersey's Highway Access Management Act and State Highway Access Management Code. AG Dow's letter would suggest otherwise, and requests the DoN provide NJ DOT with answers to a 6-bullet questionnaire seeking documentation not only about Laurelwood housing and the privatized plan to rent the homes to civilians, but also proofs of title and other jurisdictional certifications before NJ DOT reconsiders the Navy's views regarding the aforementioned NJ regulations.

As we all know, the Navy has until May 1 to clear the way for Laurelwood's owner, Teri Fischer, to begin construction of the 2-mile proverbial "road to nowhere." Otherwise, the Laurelwood lease's Supplemental Agreement No. 43 sends the parties to buyout.

Thursday, we will post Fulton Wilcox's (NOPE's business case expert) analysis of this matter, including an interesting take on how the DoN is, itself, to blame for creating this DOT impasse.

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