Friday, February 26, 2010

S762 now on the March 4 Senate budget committee docket

The Budget and Appropriations Committee has added S762 to Thursday's 1 p.m. meeting agenda (State House Annex, Committee Room 4, 1st Floor in Trenton). As noted here Monday (scroll down), NOPE maintains a guarded, somewhat skeptical stance about whether the bill to have our State Treasurer issue a cost-benefits assessment of the Laurelwood housing plan will become reality, but inclusion of S762 on the March 4 budget committee docket at least shows the measure is moving forward in Trenton.

The one thing NOPE remains unclear about (and may never get the answer to) in this whole process is how S762 will cost New Jerseyans anything...outside the scope of salary presumably already paid to our Treasurer and the staff of that office, and why the budget committee even needs to review this bill. If we get an answer to this, we'll let our supporters know.

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