Friday, February 5, 2010

AOL: Belgian Activists Breach Security Around U.S. Nukes

AOL News' Judy Pasternak reports that peace activists spent an unauthorized hour at an Belgian military base "within yards of U.S. nuclear weapons, raising questions about the security of American bombs stored at foreign air bases across Europe." The YouTube video that accompanies the stories is extremely chilling.

Granted, this was an overseas event and nothing catastrophic occurred as a result. However, this is not the first time a nukes base has been easily penetrated by peace demonstrators. Back in November, we shed light on five protestors in Washington roaming Naval Base Kitsap outside of Seattle for four hours, after cutting through at least three lines of security fencing. For equally comical and at the same time alarming reading, we encourage supporters to revisit that story.

This is not to suggest that we're residing atop nuclear stockpiles at Weapons Station Earle in Colts Neck (for we, as civilians, have no clue what is sitting in Earle's 300 or so military ordance bunkers), but for those who say NOPE is full of it for saying the Navy will have difficulty securing itself from civilian break-ins once Laurelwood houses are occupied by renters, keep in mind that the Department of Navy's "security measures" for segregating 300 new civilian renter families from the rest of its active base for the next 40 years will be 7-foot-high perimeter fencing and some extra security guards.

Then watch the YouTube video link on AOL's Belgian break-in story, and see whether you still agree with the Department of Navy's assertions from its Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that 7-foot fencing, 30-foot buffer zones and a few extra guards will be enough to prevent anyone with ill will toward America from getting to the weapons stored at 11,000-acre Earle and turning Monmouth County into the next Ground Zero.

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