Friday, January 29, 2010

NJ Treasurer bill gets re-numbered; join NOPE's Facebook; listen for report on WWZY-The Breeze

A few quick updates heading into what appears to be a COLD weekend...

- The N.J. legislation to mandate that the State Treasurer's office study of the Laurelwood civilian housing plan was re-numbered for consideration in the Senate (S-762) and House (A-2014), and is likely to be taken up in February. Please stay tuned for updates here and on the N.J. legislature website for whether this important piece of legislation passes in Trenton. Such a study will give the state ample financial data to determine impacts to N.J. taxpayers.

- NOPE supporters are encouraged to visit and sign up for our Facebook Causes page, a nascent venture for our grassroots organization. We ask that you sign up and share with your friends and family. The could be a useful venue to spread our message.

- Chairman Bill Holobowski was interviewed by WWZY, The Breeze, this week, about NOPE's briefing of the GAO, so listen the next few days to the news and let us know if you hear anything.

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