Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A favorable Tinton Falls resolution that we missed...

Back on August 18, the Borough Council of Tinton Falls unanimously approved R-09-323, a resolution requesting that District 12 Representative Rush Holt seek funding in the U.S. budget to facilitate a Navy buyout of the Laurelwood lease at NWS Earle.

We found this in sifting through past agendas and meeting minutes and were unaware of its passage, and thank Mayor Skudera and the council for its continued support. NOPE supporters need to be well aware of the backing not only of the Borough Council, but also of the Tinton Falls school administration, Superintendant Russo and BOE in terms of allowing us to publicize all NOPE functions.

Meanwhile, we will track down whether Rep. Holt made any headway in procuring funds for a buyout and post any findings here in the days to come. We recognize the FY2010 Defense Authorization mandates a GAO financial and security assessment of the case, but were not aware of any separate actions for funding of a Laurelwood lease buyout.

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