Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NOPE RALLY TONIGHT - Colts Neck High, 730 p.m.!!!

Please make every effort to attend (children are welcome).

NOPE has prepared a very informative presentation to bring all Monmouth County residents and the general public up to speed on the faulty civilian housing plan at Weapons Station Earle and will include:

  • What the Department of Navy left out of its mandated Environmental Impact Study...and what they do not want to public (nor federal agencies such as the EPA) to know
  • Recent terror plots at U.S. military bases and why Earle could be targeted
  • Colts Neck Township's hiring of Rudy Guiliani's security consulting firm to assist in a security evaluation
  • What our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are doing through the Fiscal 2010 Defense Authorization Act
  • The bipartisan support of our N.J. legislators
  • Time is running out...only 185 days until the Navy turns the housing over to a private developer and ultimately grants unimpeded access to the Laurelwood homes for the next 30 years
  • And much, much more...

To be considerate of your time, our committee has worked diligently to keep the rally to 1 hour. Please attend and SHOW OUR STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

Thank you for your continued support!


cassylset said...

I would like to know what is with the Tinton Falls contingent. Since the new administration has taken office, not one word has been uttered from the current people on the dais. At least the former mayor Pete Maclearie was in attendance at most of the meetings and offered many suggestions on how to work toward a solution. The new mayor after campaigning so hard on his Earle record, has not so much as made a statement or updated his constituents on the proceedings. Perfect-one of the greatest snow jobs of New Jersey politics I've ever seen!

Bill Holobowski said...

The TF contingent, both from the Maclearie (i.e. past administration) and Skudera "camps" (current administration) has been extremely supportive of NOPE's effort, passing a resolution in our favor earlier this year. In fact, as a TF resident myself, if more people from my town had attended they'd have heard Mayor Skudera address the audience himself very enthusiastically; and, in fact, he was the only one in NOPE's early stages to push our cause in the early days of 2008. To be sure, Council members Fama, Baldwin and Larkin were there too at the rally. Meanwhile, the township is going to let us put sets of postcards (see today's blog post) at Borough Hall, which will be there by tomorrow (11/13) for residents to sign and submit, objecting to civilian housing at Earle. In addition, the TF BOE has gone overboard helping us out. I would not turn this into a people-bashing forum, and recommend more people from TF become more proactive in NOPE, rather than casting stones from afar or seeing this as some kind of partisan issue.