Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Recap

A few items that appeared in Friday's Asbury Park Press, in particular an editorial (listed first below) in favor of NOPE's position on the Earle housing issue and Cong. Smith's battle:

The latter was submitted by Mr. James Manning of Neptune, who is affiliated as well with Neptune Housing Authority and the "Accettola Plan" to convert the Laurelwood homes into residences for veterans in need. Again, no one will quibble with the notion of veterans housing, but NOPE opposes putting anyone into homes on an active weapons base and has yet to see a copy of the Accettola Plan, which when presented in person in January was vague (i.e., as to what constitutes a "veteran" and who would run/oversee the program).

NOPE will post a copy of the "plan" once we have one, but again, there's a big distinction between articulating an idea (i.e., "hey, this is something we need to do") and presenting a true plan (i.e., "here are the parameters of what we intend to do and how we'll do it.").

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