Tuesday, June 23, 2009


NOPE leadership attended the Flag Day celebration at Trump National Golf Club on Saturday, June 13 and appreciated the invitation, as we have made every effort to engage the Trump Organization in publicly supporting our efforts to prevent civilian housing at Weapons Station Earle.

Though a top-notch affair for the attendees that were honored (namely a few military officials), candidly, our visit proved fruitless from an "influential" perspective, as we had hoped to catch the ears of politicians or military decision-makers (i.e. Earle Capt. Maynard, Howard Snow, BJ Penn) about our plight.

Considering Mr. Trump's generosity and recognition of our nation's military (which we all share), we get the sense his organization will not come out publicly against the Navy's plans for Laurelwood, though NOPE will continue to make every effort to prevent civilians from ever living at Earle, whether or not famous affiliates/residents of Colts Neck (i.e. Mr. Trump, Bruce Springsteen, etc.) voice opposition to the Navy's plans or not.


P.S. Pictured above are Jacque Hoagland (legal), Elaine Mann (legislative liaison), Bill Holobowski (Chairman), Fulton (business case analyst) and Sue Wilcox, Diana Piotrowski (communications director) and Ernie Janssen (secretary). Col. Jim Sfayer (not pictured), NOPE's security expert, also was in attendance representing the Marines.

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