Thursday, May 28, 2009

APP: Editorial - Strike A Deal On Earle Housing

Much of what we have argued as a group is highlighted in this editorial from May 27, 2009. The obvious point here is that the Navy, for whatever reason, is steadfastly opposed to meeting Mrs. Fischer, owner of Laurelwood Housing, LLC, halfway on a lease buyout and is fooling no one in arguing that the houses are worth $100 million-plus. Even Mr. Shook, Mrs. Fischer's attorney, calls the Navy's estimate "grossly overstated."

Meanwhile, the perception of "a battle between Colts Neck and Tinton Falls" is a bit askew - clearly the towns have much at stake financially on the education issue, but there seems to be a consensus that letting civilians reside on a weapons base will compromise regional safety and invite a recipe for disaster in a post-9/11 era of terrorism.

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